Reduce the cost of your household energy bills- Switch Now!



Pamela Drake from Barry, has already switched through our Wales Together energy collective. Previously with SSE Swalec, Pamela says “It wasn’t that I received bad service from SSE, I just noticed that my bill was forever increasing especially when I moved to a new property.”

“I have never switched my energy supplier before but I had recently read that the costs of wholesale gas and electricity have drastically decreased and wondered why my bills hadn’t reduced in line with the wholesale prices. After the Wales Together collective deal was announced I ran a quick comparison and realised I could save £499 on my annual bill through switching to the exclusive British Gas collective tariff.”

“I’ve recommended the collective switching process to friends and family who like myself, have never switched their energy supplier.”  When asked what Pamela would spend her £499 saving on, Pamela joked “I have had my eye on a new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes”

If, like Pamela, you are annoyed by the high price of your energy bill you should take a few minutes to run a comparison through the Wales Together collective. Our winning tariff is supplied by British Gas, it costs just £848 a year for dual fuel at medium usage and is fixed for one year, meaning no unexpected price rises. A big 6 standard tariff is typically £1124 a year, which means the typical person will save £276.

We have been seeing some amazing results from our energy collective so far, with those who have switched saving £65,563 so far. One customer even managed to cut £1,042 from their annual energy bill.